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We know everyone has been suffering withdrawal from no Kapow tournaments. Look no further… This Saturday Kapow will be hosting a historic Brawl tournament on Arena. BO3 and we are hoping to get four rounds in. This ones going to be big! 

We are even going to ask competitors to stream all the matches so that those who don’t want to play can watch.Time and place: Saturday 1pm on the Kapow discord server. 

Entries close 12:30pm ( half an hour before the tournament. ) 

Entry fee: R50. All of the entry money goes into the prizes. So if we have 10 entries, that’s R500 in prizing. Prizes will be store voucher to spend as soon as we open. Imminent!! 

Prize split will be based on the number of entries. 1 to 4 entries their will be a first place prize. 5 to 8 entries first and second place prize. 9 on wards their will be a first, second, third and lucky draw prize. Prizes will be given out once we have received them. 

Payment can be made by EFT or Masterpass/ zapper/ SnapScan. 

WhatsApp the shop phone ( this number ) to book and get payment details.

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