Newsletter 02 – Lockdown!

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Hi Everyone

We hope you are staying healthy, mentally and physically, during this unprecedented time in all our lives.

The Kapow team has kept the wheels turning in the background, planning how to ensure your favorite pop cult cafe survives this event that may unfortunately see many businesses closing. A special thank you to all those that have spent so much time organizing online activities and giving others much needed fixes of DnD and MTG the last five weeks.

In this newsletter we will let you know about our plans over the coming weeks and months. This includes how we will get products to you and what events are currently planned.

First off the physical store. Safety is going to be our top priority. Once we are legally allowed to have people in the shop, we will be introducing new hygiene strategies that will need to adapt as knowledge and regulations around COVID-19 change. We expect it to be a long time until we are able to host gaming events and have a buzzing store on a Saturday as we had in the past. No one knows the timeline on this. We are chatting to other stores and keeping up to date on whats happening at gaming stores around the world and will move with the times.


Our Online store. This is where the largest amount of effort has been placed the last few weeks. The online store has actually been functional with several pay and delivery options for the last year and a half, it needed serious cleaning up however. You can shop securely and pay using (Credit Card) PayFast, EFT or Zapper. For orders placed during level 4, we will deliver as soon as delivery is allowed ( at this point level 3). If something changes and we are able to safely and legally get your orders to you during level 4, we will!

Shipping of online purchases. Please note that depending on your area, we will offer free shipping (For Minimum Purchases Of R100) in the Durban North and Umhlanga area, or an adjusted rate the further you are from us. You can also always collect free at Kapow once it’s allowed. If you have any issues please contact us on +64 880 7918 or

Events. We are going to ramp up our online events. For now this is focused on MTG, but over time we would like to extend this into other games as well. One of these events is MTG Brawl this Saturday. We are charging an entry fee of R50 but ALL of this goes back into the prizing. In other words 10 entries will be a R500 prize. See our posts on social media for more detail.

MTG Stock. Ikoria stock is ready to ship to us as soon as allowed. Our supplier is working on making that happen during level 4 but at this point it would only be in Level 3. What this would mean for you as the customer, is that you would get any cards from this set a few days into level 3. If you have had confirmation of a booked deck from us, we have set this aside, otherwise you can shop now at

Warhammer Stock. This is waiting with UPS in JHB, as with the MTG stock, those with orders will get this a few days into level 3. At this point we haven’t loaded the new stock onto the online store as we would like to check it first. As soon as we receive this stock we will load it. Expect this when we move to level 3 at the latest.


Comics and Graphic novels. This too is waiting at the airport! Durban Airport in this case. So close but so far. For those craving a new story of your favorite heroes and villains, we will have this the day level 3 opens.

Please feel free to send us feedback, especially constructive criticism, regarding the online store. Two aspects we are still finishing are images for all products and product descriptions.

A final thank you to Erynn, Dale and Jaime for everything you are doing for Kapow. Its been a roller-coaster ride this last month and a half, sometimes the cart was just sitting waiting for the ride to start, other times the track ahead vanished. You have all stayed positive though and gone above and beyond when the time required it.



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