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Due to the state of world right now things have needed to change and adapt. One of the ways we at Kapow are doing that is taking our tournaments online. So this past Saturday we hosted our first official online tournament with prize support. 


The tournament was set up using discord to administer the matches and Arena to play the games. As most people who come to Kapow know the preferred format for the players is commander so with that in mind, we decided to go with brawl as the format for the first online tournament. There was a R50 participation fee and all money went into the prize pool, with First place walking away with R250 Kapow voucher, Second place a R150 voucher and third place a R100 voucher. There was even a lucky draw prize of 100 card sleeves. ( Thanks Aroon for your donation of the prize and 3 entries! ) 


The tournament ran without issue. The decks and strategies used were vastly different from each other and we asked each of the top 3 to tell us a little about their deck and how they found the tournament.


First place: Jared 


My commander was Winota, Joiner of Forces. When I built the deck the idea I went with was to get high casting ‘humans’ out as quickly as possible. After play testing the deck it performed well enough that I thought it would be a viable option.


Highlight of the tournament was playing my hand out on curve and getting my commander out on turn 4 and getting 3 attack triggers with it.”

Second place: Ralf 


My commander is Gadwick, the Wizened.


The main thing I wanted my deck to have is plenty of utility. It needed to do a lot of things and it needed to do them well. Mainly it needed to disrupt my opponent’s strategy while also building up my arsenal. To that end I chose cards that have multiple uses and sided with cards that are playable at instant speed so that I can adjust to the board state as needed.


I think the highlight for the tournament for me was my second game against Jared where at first I thought it was another hopeless state against him like our first game and I even wanted to concede. I didn’t though since I’m kind of a sore loser and wanted to make him work for it. And then all of a sudden I drew the card that changed everything. Mass manipulate. I stole his essential creatures, including his commander and then continued playing off the board. That game got so chaotic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the arena board get so zoomed out because of just how much stuff we both had on the field.”


 Third place: Darryn 

I used Judith, the Scourge Diva as commander.


For the pure reason that I love that colour combination. I found all of my favourite creatures and synergies in the rakdos combo and went with it.


There was no one highlight. all the opponents I fought against showed good sportsmanship and eagerness to play the game and enjoy the event. that for me was worth it all.”


For me as the organiser, I think the highlight was watching Ralf go three to zero overall wins only to be beaten in the end by Jared in the last round. Exciting gaming!

Overall, this was a very successful first tournament for us at Kapow and I hope for the players as well. Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook, there will definitely be more tournaments to come. 

Thanks again to everyone who joined us we couldn’t have hosted it without you guys.



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