KapowOnline MTG tournament #2

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After the success of the first tournament, we decided to host another one the very next weekend, Saturday 9th of May. The tournament was standard Brawl to keep things different. 


Jared was back from his victory the previous week and decided to stick to his same commander, Winota. Cody, who was also in the previous tournament decided to take a lesson from Jared and also try Winota.


For the first two rounds it looked like Jared would once again be taking first place. Then, in the third match it was Cody vs. Jared, Winota vs. Winota! Everyone was surprised to hear the result, Jared’s commander had been dethroned… only to be informed that it was by the same commander!


I asked Jared and Cody for an inside look at their match.


Cody: “The first game got down to me having a good hand with some removal and being able to combo off really early, the second game was a lot closer were we both were just waiting on each other’s moves and Jared was able to gain a heavy board state advantage and in the last game I was able to get a better and faster board state than Jared keeping his in check.”


Jared: “My match against Cody was a mirror match, he was also running a Winota build. Now his deck was not exactly the same as mine but the idea behind how to put the deck together was the same.                                    

I knew that Cody knew what he was doing in piloting Winota and that whoever had the better start would control the outcome. Cody took the first game, I took the second. The third was the best out of all 3 as it was close, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire game


In the end the tournament was a blast with everyone having one of the most fun Saturdays they’ve had since lockdown started.”

The standings and prizing for this week are a bit different.”


First place: Cody walking away with a R200 Kapow gift voucher


Second place: Jared walking away with a R150 Kapow gift voucher 


Third place: Matt walking away with a R100 Kapow gift voucher 


Lucky Draw Winner: Siya walking away with a R50 Kapow gift voucher 


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the whatsapp group for news of stock – e-Commerce is open for all our products so Ikoria will be with us soon!! Free Delivery in the local area.


Hope to see everyone soon doing what you guys love!





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