Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft – 24 January 2020

Draft Weekend for Theros Beyond Death is almost here, and this Friday 24 January we will be holding our first booster draft of the new set!

Price will be R200 for 3 boosters including entry. Registration will be from 5pm, and we will kick off at 6pm!

Food, snacks and drinks will be on sale throughout the evening.

Send through your names to book a place on (064)880-7918!

Pokemon Tournament – 24 January 2020

This Friday afternoon, 24 January, we will be holding a Pokemon tournament from 2pm-5pm.

Ongoing Events

Dragon Fire And D&D

D&D running the second and fourth week and dragon fire every third week of the month.

Pokemon Afternoons

Every Friday afternoon we run Pokemon Casual Play from 2pm-5pm with Dale, who is available to play as a skilled opponent or to teach newcomers the basics.

Magic The Gathering Evenings

Every Friday evening we run Magic Tournaments or Casual Play from 5pm-8:30pm. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages, or ask us to be added to our Whatsapp group to chat with fellow players and be aware of what’s coming up.

Warhammer Afternoons

Every Saturday we run Warhammer model painting, teaching of basics with Dale or just some game time from 1pm-5pm. R25 to paint a model to take home.